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[Sujet] Versions and transition from old Claroline to Claroline Connect.

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Juan Bautista Sartorio
29/11/2017 19:44

They installed the version 8.0.3 (as reported on the admin panel of Claroline Connect) on a test server, and gave me credentials to test the new version (I dont have server access either). I searched on the claroline connect site information regarding the 8.0.3 version, but found nothing, only starting from v16.05. I see that on the forum they use 10.1.0, probably mine is 16.09?.

Another problem is that I cant relate old claroline functions with the Claroline Connect new functions and interface. Is there some kind of documentation regarding migration from the old to the new one?. Thanks!, I dont know french, thats why I write in english.


Il y a 1 an

30/11/2017 14:34

Hope, this can help you.

Il y a 1 an